Dr. Farag Bio

Dr Raouf Farag HBJDr. Raouf Farag is an obstetrician and gynecologist whose practice is located in Gosford, New South Wales. An IVF specialist who has assisted countless patients throughout the entirety of their pregnancies all the way through the post-natal period, Dr. Farag has developed a reputation as one of the most compassionate doctors in all of New South Wales and is regarded as an exceptionally capable doctor who works tirelessly to provide his patients with the best level of care possible.

Considered an innovator by many of his peers in the medical field, Dr. Farag is able to provide his patients with access to a broad range of obstetric care that is family-centered, flexible and highly personalized in accordance with the specific wishes of the patient. An expert in operative obstetrics and caesarean sections, Dr. Farag has always made it a point to work closely with couples that seek out his medical assistance in order to be able to provide the kind of ideal medical care that leads to an entirely joyful birthing experience.

One of the Central Coast’s most diligent and detail-oriented medical professionals, Dr. Farag meets with his patients often despite maintaining a very busy schedule at his practice in New South Wales. With the assistance of a caring staff of medical professionals that includes a practice manager along with several sonographers, midwives and receptionists, patients arriving at Dr. Farag’s practice for the first time immediately recognize that the entire staff is sincerely committed to ensuring that every patient is able to enjoy a happy and highly personalized birthing experience.

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