Embracing a Digital Strategy in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare system in Australia is considered one of the best in the world. Numerous countries including the US are still trying to decide what kind of universal system works for them. The system in Australia is universal, effective and efficient. It is affordable and enjoys superior outcomes.

The Case for a Digital Health Strategy

Technology can positively transform health services in various ways. It can cut hospital admissions, improve therapy options as well as enhance the quality of patient care. Digital health reduces the possibility of adverse drug effects and centralizes testing data, which eliminates duplication. It provides a platform for synchronized collaboration. Which can assist people with complex conditions.

The government and lawmakers recently launched the framework for a National Digital Health Strategy. The public wants a people-oriented system that is accessible, yet secure. It should also offer more healthcare options and increase the level of transparency in the industry.

Providers would like to reduce their overheads so that they have more time dedicated to patient care. This includes access to medical histories as well as improvements in treatment options and medications. The initiative hopes to streamline the significant efforts the various stakeholders have put in place with a goal of improving healthcare outcomes.

Benefits of the Strategy

The policy has outlined expected outcomes on the healthcare system. It promises to improve treatment processes, build efficiency, which reduces costs and keeps people out of the hospital. The Strategy will extend medical services to underserved communities, especially in rural and remote areas. It is also expected to serve as a secure repository of national health data. Let us review some of the proposed outcomes.

  • Standardization of health information: The various stakeholders in the healthcare system will establish a standard format for data collection and sharing. This includes exchanges between the private and public sectors.
  • Improved medication management: The My Health Record system will provide patient prescription histories. It will enable them to request prescriptions and refills conveniently. Doctors and pharmacists will be able to assist patients safely. Improved medication management will reduce incidences of adverse drugs and prescription errors.
  • Availability of health information: There is a push to have every citizen register on the My Health Record platform. This program will serve as a central database for medical histories including previously prescribed medications, diagnostic tests results, allergies and chronic conditions. Providers, physicians, and patients will have instant access to all the relevant patient information they need to make quick decisions.
  • Secure sharing of health information: The digital platform is expected to employ strict security guidelines to protect the data and information exchange. Stakeholders will communicate through secure channels.
  • It will deliver world-class innovation aligned to emergent digital and connected lifestyles. The system will be accessible from mobile devices and computers from any location. The platform will encourage technology entrepreneurs to exploit the opportunity of meeting the diverse needs of providers and patients. This will empower healthcare professionals to maximize the advantages of digital technologies in health.


The Strategy is expected to open up more opportunities for discerning entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. Grace Lever is a business coach, author and entrepreneurship mentor. You can view glowing Grace Lever reviews on her online channels. This will enable you to make a quicker decision to get in on the emergent entrepreneurship opportunities.

There are proposals to expand the available opportunities. This includes designating specific regions as health tourism destinations for global patients. This would compound the income that the digital healthcare system facilitates and expand business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country. However, before that happens, inconsistencies and bottlenecks in service delivery in the current environment must be ironed out. Hopefully, the Strategy will take care of that.

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