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John Pryor Advocates for Increased Focus on Injury Prevention

Throughout his lengthy career working with world-class athletes and amateur athletes alike, John Pryor has often noted the odd disconnect between the sensibilities of an elite athlete and those of an amateur athlete with regard to the importance of utilizing […]

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Dr. Raouf Farag Explains T-Cells

New innovation has permitted scientists to outfit the safe framework to battle leukemia by reinventing T-cells to distinguish and assault a tumor. As of late the innovation was connected to a little child in the UK.┬áSpecific types of white blood […]

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Jon Giaan Can Change Your Unhealthy Living Conditions

Depending on where you live can have serious and obvious affects on your over all health. Living in a polluted city like Los Angeles has far more impact on your health than living in a smaller town. Likewise, living in […]

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